Extra Large Natural Cloth Paper Towel Replacements - 14x14 Paperless Towels or Cloth Napkins for an Eco-Friendly Home

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Make a sustainable switch in your household with our Extra Large Natural Cloth Paper Towel Replacements. Perfect for those looking for eco-friendly and budget-friendly options, or simply wanting to upgrade to quality linens. These towels are a great way to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.\n\nThese 14x14 paperless towels are ideal not only for cleaning, but also for use as dinner napkins. Made from lightly textured, natural birds eye cotton, they give off a rustic and unprocessed look. The edges are serged for a trim and less bulky feel, making them perfect for use over top stitched table linens.\n\nSay goodbye to disposable paper products on your countertops and table settings with our highly absorbent birds eye cotton cloths. They can handle any job a paper towel can, and more. But not all birds eye cotton is created equal, which is why we only use the highest quality material.\n\nThis listing includes twelve undyed kitchen cloths in a natural color, each measuring 14"x14". So make the switch to a more sustainable home with our top-notch cloth paper towel replacements.