Winter Chill One Dozen Blue Unpaper Towels - reusable paper towels, dish towels or cloth napkins

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Bring some chill to your kitchen with this set of Winter themed unpaper towels.

Toss the paper! Convert your kitchen to a cloth alternative with this set of twelve 10”x10” cloths made with a single layer of unbleached, off white birdseye cotton serged in six each of light blue and steel blue. Birdseye is a lightweight weave that make these cloth great as napkins or for daily clean up. Birdseye is absorbent without being overly heavy.

These unpaper towels have been pre-shrunk and will continue to increase in absorbancy for the first few wash cycles.

Cloth napkins and unpaper towels are a wonderful way to reduce the paper consumption of your household. They are good for the Earth and a treat you can enjoy every day!

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