Multi color One Dozen Paperless Towels

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It's a rainbow on every Paperless Towel! The rainbow mixed threads are variegated in primary colors as they travel around the outside of the paperless towels, giving an extra fun and whimsical element to your kitchen linens! Birdseye is a medium weight cotton that make these cloth great as napkins or for daily clean up. It's absorbent without being overly heavy which makes the perfect replacement for paper towels!

• 10"x10" single layer

• choice of bright white or natural off white birdseye

• serged edges multi colored thread

• pre-washed and pre-shrunk

• environmentally friendly, premium quality birdseye cotton

• washed, cut, sewn and shipped in Wyoming, by yours truly!

These paperless towels have been pre-shrunk and will continue to increase in absorbancy for the first few wash cycles. We have started the process, but know that it may take 6-10 more washings to reach maximum performance.

As with any absorbent cloth (including your bath towels!) you will see the best results by:

1) not using any fabric softener or dryer sheets. These leave a light, waxy film on the surface

that will inhibit absorption

2) wash in the hottest water possible for your laundry, and be sure there's plenty of water in

the tub

3) a drop or two of dawn dish soap or 1/2 cup of white vinegar is helpful in stripping off excess

build up

Cloth napkins and paperless towels are a wonderful way to reduce the paper consumption of your household. They are good for the Earth and a treat you can enjoy every day!

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